Will Our Future Be Built From Hemp?

Meet Mary, the toast of the town…

With pop starlets lighting up joints at awards ceremonies, politicians pushing for more  Marijuanarelaxed laws relating to cannabis, doctors reporting promising new findings as a result of their medical marijuana trials and everyone from athletes to actors stepping up to share their weed-imbued experiences with the press, there is no doubt that ‘Mary Jane’ is well and truly getting her share of the limelight in the news;

Whilst the bulk of cannabis reportage centres around the medicinal and recreational use of this natural resource, another movement is stirring, which looks set to change our world on an industrial scale…

The hemp revolution has begun

The incredibly useful, but less glamorous side of the cannabis plant: Hemp – is making headlines of its own, particularly given the range of amazing breakthroughs that have been made in recent years regarding the effectiveness and economic viability of this eco-friendly resource.future_hemp_manufacture

Some commentators have speculated that we are currently living in a renaissance age, where breakthroughs in manufacturing techniques and innovations in building materials point toward hemp playing a leading role in creating a cleaner, greener world for future generations.

Thanks to the efforts of environmentally-friendly, carbon-neutral companies like Europe’s leading industrial hemp firm, HempFlax, Hemp is now the go-to material for responsible manufacturers looking to make their products and business practices greener and friendlier to the planet than ever before.

A world of possibilities

Hemp is now not only a viable alternative to more conventional materials – in many cases it can be even more effective than the original resources that it is replacing:

  • Hemp-based bedding for animals absorbs moisture and odours, resists mould and produces far less dust than more conventional alternatives, such as sawdust.
  • Some of the world’s biggest automotive manufacturers already embrace hemp plastics as a green way of building their interior car components: These plastics possess an extremely high energy absorption level, which means that they are surprisingly strong for their weight.  Given the successful use of hemp in this capacity, manufacturers are now designing concept cars which make much more extensive use of this natural resource.
  • In the construction sector, natural hemp-based insulation materials are revolutionising our built environment, with their effective blend of heat, noise and cold insulating, moisture-regulating and health-protecting properties.
  • Hemp oil can be refined into a multitude of products, such as leather treatments and substances for protecting animal horns and hooves, where it’s nourishing and anti-bacterial properties are a huge boon.
  • Aside from finding its way into our built world, hemp could end up becoming the fuel of future industry: Literally – Biofuels which use hemp as a main constituent are becoming ever more efficient sources of power, so not only will future vehicles be made from the stuff: They could end up being fuelled by it!

The future is green

Many consider hemp to be nature’s perfect plant: A gift which has a multitude of uses, with none of the harmful side-effects of less eco-friendly materials.

As attitudes and industrial practices change, it is looking increasingly likely that hemp may hold the keys to a cleaner future for everyone on the planet.


This topical blog post has been prepared for educational purposes: We ask all of our readers to respect and obey the laws of their country.

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