Is The Global Legalisation of Cannabis A Pipe-Dream?

global_legalisation_of_cannabisWith cannabis legalisation now in full-effect throughout locations like Colorado and Washington State, as well as nationwide in the liberal-minded country of Uruguay, many people around the globe are now starting to wake up to the very real possibility of a greener future where weed is on the menu…everywhere!

With a growing number of successful examples dotting up around the planet, reformers now have even more evidence to support their cause, with prosperity, lower crime rates and improved public health being just some of the advantages being cited.

Full global legalisation might be a distant goal for now, but if the following three locations are anything to go by, it might not be a totally far-fetched idea…


In this beautiful, sun-drenched corner of the Caribbean, pro-cannabis activists are waiting with bated-breath as officials discuss the possibility of a move towards legalisation of the herb.

When one considers the fact that the nation’s sizeable Rastifarian population have traditionally used Ganja as part of their spiritual practices, the matter of local authorities criminalising this sacred herb is often viewed by some commentators as culturally insensitive and draconian.

Factor in the prevalence of the herb on this tropical paradise and you have a recipe for drug enforcement resources to be tested to breaking point.

Instead of persecuting citizens for following their religious or cultural beliefs, as well as for using a natural local resource for medical purposes, Jamaica’s legalisation movement is hopeful for the future.


As one of the world’s largest producers of hashish, Morocco already makes heavy profits from the cultivation of cannabis: In fact, some speculate that as much as 10% of the country’s economy is based around sales generated via this locally-derived, yet still illicit, crop.

Unfortunately, stats show that most of the cannabis production in morocco comes from poorer regions of the country, meaning that efforts to clamp down on growers can often hurt whole communities, who don’t always have the opportunity to make money any other way.

In a country which already supplies over 40% of the world’s supply of cannabis, many are speculating that it is only a matter of time before Morocco’s resources are funnelled elsewhere and legalisation is implemented.


It might have once seemed like an impossible dream, but for a growing number of faithful individuals throughout the UK, the prospect of cannabis legalisation is now looking to be sailing ever closer towards British shores.

As a nation which often stands ‘shoulder-to-shoulder’ with its allies across the Atlantic, many throughout the UK are pointing towards reforms in the USA which have led to the legalisation of weed in a number of states: Indeed, a growing number of Brits now believe that it is only a matter of time before their island nation follows suit.

In recent years, cannabis reform groups and individuals alike have pushed the boundaries of what might soon be possible, with attempts to open up Amsterdam-style cannabis coffee-shops now growing at an exponential rate.

For now, a huge number of people throughout the UK are stocking up on legal cannabis seeds: These can be collected without fear of prosecution, provided that they are not grown; This means that, should legalisation be pushed through, a huge library of weed genetics will be at the hands of the smart individuals who have stocked up.

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