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flyingDutchmenLogoHomePageThis trailblazing brand is well known and loved among the cannabis seed community for its diverse and uni

que range of fantastic-quality, now-legendary strains;

The Flying Dutchmen have been major players in the Netherlands cannabis seed industry, with their famous shop being an Amsterdam institution!

The Flying Dutchmen (TFD) first set sail back in the late 90s, when they opened the doors to their legendary store in Amsterdam: Their journey continues to this day!

By offering a great balance of high quality products and good value for money, TFD excel in helping seed aficionados add some prime specimens to their collections, without reaching too deeply into their piggy banks.

A cornucopia of cannabis strains are available at TFD’s online store: Old favourites are joined by rising stars, as well as a number of unique strains that you’ll be hard-pressed to find anywhere else!

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