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Sensi Seeds

sensilogoWith a rich history stretching back over 25 years and a firm commitment to advancing, promoting and protecting unique, reliably high-quality genotypes for future generations, Sensi Seeds sits at the forefront of the cannabis seeds industry as one of the most well-known and highly revered seed companies in the world.

leafWhen the Dutch Bureau of Medicinal Cannabis had to pick a breeder that could supply high-grade produce to pharmacists across the Netherlands, Sensi Seeds was their natural choice.

leafWhilst their focus has always been on producing consistently reliable, genetically-superior strains, (rather than one-off masterpieces) this hasn’t stopped Sensi Seeds from winning more cups and awards over the last three decades than any other seed company.

leafWith popular strains like Super Skunk Automatic, Jack Herer, Big Bud Feminized and many more, Sensi Seeds has something to offer for every collector.

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